Lolpiggian Rhapsody

Lol Songz \ Cheezstock \ Disc Three

Lolpiggian Rhapsody
by Guinness Piggeh and cweenmj

lunarmommy says:
if teh orijinul creators donut mind, i wants to bring bakk a klassik frum teh Piggeh: In Conbersayshun show. Az performed by cweenmj, heerz LOLPIGGIAN RHAPSODY:

*deh ruum is pitch black wifowt a single photon tu shedding lite.
*deh peepz murmur amunst demselbez wundering wut iz happening.
*Suddenly, in a blinding flash uv lite,
*Cweenmj materializingz on deh stage
*amid smoke adn a rezownding thunderclap
*leebing deh awed~ee~ens stunned intu silence.

*Deh Cween iz indeed stunning in
*deh hip-hugging bell-bottomed blak lether britchez wif fringes down teh *owtside seamsz and deh pokkitz dekkerated wif shiny silver studz
*adn a wiyte satin blouse wif beaded flowerz front and bak.


Is tihs teh reel lyfe?
No, is just fantasee
Welkum tu Cheezland
Yur escape frum reeyalitee
Wii sai “Ohai’s”
Flai up in teh skies wib Acmeee…
Man teh Cyoot Crash Cart, ai kneads mai C-H-R-G
Dere’s a gnu LOL, commints? No!
Ai sai “Ohai!”, Nawt Sekkund? No!
Annipuss wus teh fastest, meens wii kin go tu teh…
Ty Boooooteeeeek…

[lolpigburglar plays a solol awn teh peano]


Scamper… awl arownd Cheezland
Teh Cheezfrends arr awl in bed…
Teh Nite Watchman’s heer insted…
SCAMPER! Wii has LAWTS ob phun!!!
Plz Ceiling Cat donut taek eet awl awai!
SCAMPER!!! OOOoooOOO [dots]
Teh Trolls trai tu maek us crai
but dey won’t be bakk agen tihs thyme tomorrow!
Commint on, yur fayborit LOL… adn snorgle teh bebbeh otters…

Guinness Piggeh:

Mai Cheezfrends, yur so full ob win!
Funneh, sweet adn o, SO kynd,
Teh plezhure, eet’s awl myne!
Goodnite, ebberybodeh! I has to go!
Gotta leebe yu awl behynd adn fais teh trooth…
SCAMPER! OOOoooOOO (she cawls adn teh pig goes)
Ai’m just a Phlonquais!
Ai sumthymes fink ai’ll nebber escaype at awl!

[Scrooge McPig does a Geetar Solol]


Ai sees a littlol silhouetto ob a pig!
Scrooge McPig, Scrooge McPig, hims wheel nebber be free, No!
LCB adn Mick’s lips, berry BERRY frightening EEP!
Guinness Piggeh, lolpigburglar
Scrooge McPig, teh Cheezland Tour Guide
lolcatburglar, LOLCATBURGLAR! Let dem go-oh-oh-oh
Ai is just a poor pig, ai has no munnie!
Hims just a poor pig, alwais has a hongree!
Spare him sum noms, won, tu oar ELEBENTY!

Guinness Piggeh:

“LCB, ai has tu no, wheel yu let me go?”
* SMACK * Hedbat! “Ai wheel NAWT let yu go”
“let him go!”
* SMACK * Hedbat! “Ai wheel NAWT let yu go”
“let him go!”
* SMACK * Hedbat! “Ai wheel NAWT let yu go”
“Wheel NAWT let yu go!”
“Lemme GO!”
“Wheel NAWT let yu go!”
“Lemme GO-oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!”
“NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!”
“Be-LCB-bub has a debil set asyde fur me…”
“…called Mi-ck…”
“…he’s SI-CK!!!”

[cweenmj brings down teh howse wib an awesome Geetar Solol]

Guinness Piggeh:

So yu finkso yu kin stawp meh frum nomming mai PY?
So yu finkso yu kin rub creem awn mai narrowed EYE?
OWLD… LAY-DEH! Lookit tihs OTTER, is BEBB-EH!
Mick donut POUT! Yur lip’s sticking rite owt tu HEER!

“Mai talk show’s awl taht matters…”
“Aneewon kin sea…”
“…follow teh bebbeh otters…”
“…tu teh stoodio wib watters… (Elebenteeeeee)!”


🙄 Aneewai, teh pig goes:


See this song at Cheezstock

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