RIP OnleeKitteh

I haz a heavy heart dis morning.  Sneezeecat has let mii know dat shii found a death notice fur our belubbed OnleeKitteh.  Shii passed away on Jan 2.  Shii learned in early December dat shii had terminal lung cancer.  She died the day before her first immunotherapy appointment.  Shii will b grately missed.

I metted OK wunst in Minnysoda at a cheezmeet.  Yoo kin seeing hur in deh pixor below.

MuggleMary (wif cheezburger timer) and OnleeKitteh


4 thoughts on “RIP OnleeKitteh

  1. OK, yew will alwayz b in owr hearts. Yew ar sew belubbed. My heart iz breaking, butt ai kno yew haz been reunited wif yewr deer huzbind hoom yew missed sew berry much. 🕯

  2. OK was brry brave adn berry madder uv fact about hur illness. Nawt dat she diddint experience fear adn anxiety, coz she did, but she faced it like a Trojan and made hur arrangements and set hur plans adn went forward. Just liek she lived teh rest uv hur life.

    She haz made teh Uvver Side an even more attractive place. 💔

  3. this is such tragic news. I sure will miss her updates on her geneaology – had not a clue what what she was on about but it sure was interesting! She was kind and thoughtful and asked nothing back.
    missed and much loved – thank you OK

  4. I so wanted to meet with OK when I was in Vancouver at Thanksgiving, but she sent me a very sweet note saying she was going to be too busy with her doctors. Go well, Onlee, an schools to you and yours.

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