Nooz frum deh Cween

Ohai peepz,

Dad crossed over deh bridge dis morning at deh fine old age uv 93. Hiz final daze wuz a peaceful and graceful end to hiz long life. Hii now joynz his parents, bruthers, his wife Monica, his son John, and grandson Eric.  I am sure hii is glad to see dem awl agin.  Fankz tu awl deh peeps hoo sendinged uz deh good thots and beemz.  <3


Happytayl Nooz

dis happytayl nooz am frum ShepsMom.  *Conga Rats dans*


Wif grate gratittt…gravi…fankees, ai gets to report dat dey finded ZERO cancer remaining at the toomer site after surgery (de keemo and laser fingee obliteratified it), and ZERO cancer in enny ob de 24 lymph nodes dey taked.

Rite nao, dey considers mii cancer free.  De onclologist still recommends anudder round ob keemo, but it wills just be de pills liek ai dids before (onlee dis tiem wifout de radiations), and ai dids fine wif dem.



Tucker Goes to the Meadow

  • My sweet girl Tucker is out of pain and swagglolin in the meadow now.

    She has been so sick and she has fought so hard for such a long time. Towards the end of last week and over the weekend it became clear that she was too tired to fight any more. So I brought her in and the vet helped her cross the bridge.

    Thanks friends, for all your beams and advice and good wishes for my sweet baby.

    *crawls under the bed and cries*


Dis majiklolly appearinged in mai inbox dis morning frum JD.

Emo the cat and Official Channeler on teh Grate Toona haz askted me to gibs you hur laytest pome.

Ode tew Noms, by Emo Cat

Toona toona, tooooona.

Toona? Sammun? Toona? Sammun?

Toona toona toona
Toona toona toona

Plz tu Halping BunnySlippers

Ohai, peeps!!

Ower deer frend BunnySlippers am in a tuff spot.  Shii am on disability and am needing to get a noo place fur hur and hur twu furry babiez tu lib.  Shii needs muneys to paying a deposit and deh nawt-sekkond monfz rent.

Shii sez:

Mai landlord haz frowed me and teh gal onna oddur sied ob teh wall owt ob teh plase cuz he wants tu maek sum big big repairs (stuff he shudda dun a loooong tiem ago) so he can sell it.

Ai gots noe munnies foar a deposit oar a nawt sekkund munf’s rent tu hold a plase til Ai kin moob.  Teh onliest reezun Ai’s still alibe iz cuz Ai maded teh promise to Taco an Tara dat tehy wud awlwayz haz a home wiffs me. Ai haz a sad cuz Ai haz libbed heer foar obber 15 yeerz, teh longest Ai haz ebbur libbed ennywher in awl mai 62 yeerz. ……  Ai haz a beeg beeg skeered ebbry minnit an Ai keeps “dissociating” frum teh stress an losing track ob fingz an mai mind wont focus oan ennyfing for berry long at awl, so Ai nawt makin any progress wiffs teh packing. ….. I kant breakify teh promise Ai maded to tehm. Ai juss kant. Ai’s gonna get dehydrated frum awl teh teerz.

If u can haz a spare munny or twu, u kin halpsing Bunnyslippers!!!  Please goingz to PayPal,, select “Send Money” from the menu, and enter deh emayo address   broe3 at cox dot NET  (convert dis back to regular computer speek) and select “I’m sending money to family or friends.” If u send deh money frum ur bank account or ur PayPal accownt, dhere am no service fee.  Donations will go directly to BunnySlippers; neither cween nor any wun else will have access to the donated funds. Please be aware that BunnySlippers did not come to us asking for help; this “pass the hat” is being done at the suggestion of a caring peep who expressed concern to us about hur situation and asked if there was some way to help.

If five peeps eech gib 5 munnies, dat am 25 munnies fur hur.  If anuzzer five peeps eech give 10 munnies, dat am 50; five peeps hoo give 25 makes 125; 5 peeps hoo kin spare 50 munnies will donate 250 munnies.  Put dat awl tugezzer and it am 500 munnies!!!  Ebbree liddlol bit halpz!!!