Calicocoa Hazza Beeg Sad

Dis :( landinged in mai emayoz dis morning. — mj

Ai hazzza *beeg* sad! Mai kitteh cuzzin DJ beeing sik. Him haz teh pleh cansur. Him nawt gunna mayk it. Mai (hoomin) unkl Darryl bee mayking DJ’z fynal daze teh bestest pawsible ~ ~ tellz dj’z stawry.

BuyTehWhey ~ unkl darryl mai heero. him fownded mai mommie fur mee, adn fownded mee fur mai mommie.  <3 unkl darryl.
awlmoast furgot ~ unkl darryl runz teh SNAP Cats org foar teh Speshul Kneads kittehs. Dey haz teh nu t-shurtz adn baysebawl capz ~ Teh munniez goez fur teh SNAP kittehs. Him a heero fur dem tew!
(tawp pic ~ iz cuzzin dj gray kitteh wif himz sistur blanche. hur crost teh raynbow bridj.)
(bawtum pic ~ iz mee n mai baybee cheetuh kitteh.)
Luv n purrz,
Calicocoa (teh kitteh)
(wif calicocoa teh hoomin)

Sad Nooz frum deh House uv Smudgie

Hi. Just a serious note for a second. Owr hoomans mama passed away about 10 days ago an funeral tomorrow. Hooman not normally wun to talk about this but well…just thort menshun it. Mama was 88 and went peacefully in hospital

Stressful time bekos of funeral and also has to engage with collection of nutjobs known as his famblee. We think it is just sinking in.


Sad news….

Dear friends

With great sadness I let you know that I have only recently found out that our friend SparkysMom, AKA Melody passed away in January. Many of you remember her from the hay day of ICHC, after that she was an enthusiastic member of an email group some of us started, to cheer each other’s little victories and provide support in our defeats.

Unfortunately, due to her increasingly bad health it has been some time since our friend was able to use the computer and, more lately, even participate in phone calls. We have continued to send cards and good thoughts and wishes but have had to rely on infrequent updates from Mel’s son as to her health. I am not sure why he did not let us know when Mel left us but I am sure the stress of his mom’s illness and passing was a huge factor.

I remember our sweet friend as a woman filled with love and fun and boundless good humor. She is sadly missed. I will close this post by including a link to a prayer Mel posted, entirely in lolspeak, back in 2010. Fair warning…have your shamwows handy.

Love to all from


Lungdoc’s Mom Crosses deh Bridge

*Lolspeak off for a minute*
While we are on the topic of mothers–
A little over five years ago, at a Christmas ’08 family gathering, I mentioned to my Mom (then 85) that I had found an interesting Internet site with funny cat pictures and a collection of people who wrote messages to each other in their own language. I explained that the people lived all over the world but had their own community and seemed to care a lot about each other. Mom wasn’t a computer person, but as a teacher for many years, she knew a lot about people, and after I told her more about the site (ICHC as it was then), she urged me to take part in the community. I had never been one to participate in bulletin-boards and such, but her encouragement pushed me to “de-lurk” and become a Cheezpeep. For the fun I’ve had since then, as for so many other things, I am forever indebted to my mother.

Mom crossed the Bridge this afternoon at age 90, peacefully, after a mercifully brief illness. I’m sure she’s having fun with the kitties, since she won’t be troubled by cat-allergies any longer, nor by any of the other physical aggravations that her nine decades had inflicted.

Thanks, Mom.

KittyRoo Walks

Dear Cheezfriends,

I am walking in the Overnight again this year – and pleased to be joined by two of my sisters in this wonderful endeavor! We are raising funds to support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, an organization that works to raise awareness of suicide risk, promote screening programs, and provide support for survivors of suicide.

I have been honored by your support in past years – would you consider helping again?

You can donate by clicking here

Or if you prefer snail mail you can download an offline form and send with a check (just please note my name in the “participant” line).

Thank YOU!!

KittyRoo (and Katy and Caroline, my beloved sisters)


Note frum mj:  Az menny uv u know, mai boi took himz own life in deh dark uv night, becuz, az hii sed, “I can’t stand to see another day.”  I am honored more than I can say bai KittyRoo’z walk to halp prevent uthers frum following him into deh eternal darkness.  <3