Cheezpeepz Cookbook am Here!

I thot I posted dis dayz ago. Adn tuday I find it sitting in deh draft folder! sry!!!
😳  –mj

edit note :   I haz editifyed deh linkee.  shud wurk now!  😉

nennepus says:

*skampers in, yelling froo a loud speeker…*
Heer yee! Heer yee!
It’s here! the cookbook!!

Reed all about it heer:

this is the opportoonatea offa lifetime!! wanna know Annipuss’ sekrit cake ressipea? its in dear… Miniminmum fabrite chikkin recipea? yup – is dear two!!!
Lubsoringewuns perogies!! all in dear!!
Jamakittys menny saucis! oh yesh, yesh, yesh!! Even teh guiniss piggehs recipea for pork shops!!

So go get it!! all (well – except for the 69 cents of each purchase that paypal grabs… :roll: ) the munnies goes to the otters in the sanctuary in Devon!!
Wut are u waiting for!!

6 thoughts on “Cheezpeepz Cookbook am Here!

  1. Nennepus–Ai haz gotz teh cookbook an itz magnifico. Verree byootimus. Tahnx fur awl yur hard worx on behaffs uv mii and teh otters!

    (Tihs duzznt meen ai haz tu du anny reel cooking, duz it?)

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