Update on KCT

Dis b kumming in mai emayoz frum Cattails:

Ohai cheezfrends,

KCT has had a few very rough days since her surgery on Moanday. When the pain block wore off the furst…err nawt sekkond nite, the real pain set in. Finally today a visiting nurse was able to get the doctor to prescribe pain medicine from a different class of drugs that seems to be more effective for her.

She hasn’t been able to be up and about much or to check her computer for emeows, but I have passed along your well wishes and she was happy to receive cards. Please keep sending healing beams her way!

Headbonks and purrs,


5 thoughts on “Update on KCT

  1. Yes,gonna HURT!!! Lebenty times lebenty!! Take your pills,do your exersizes,you will get better. Next year this will be an unpleasnt memory.. But oooh getting to next year.. I send you manymany get well beems..Take care..

  2. pweeze nawt tew bee in tew much paynez!1!! finking ob u, sayin, payne, payne go awaye, don’t kum bakk, ya heer?????!

  3. I lift you before the throne of grace, sister o’mine. “He sits over us as a refiner of silver and a purifier of gold.” –Malachi 3:3. He turns up the heat until He sees His reflection–and i know that reflection is becoming more and more clear in you.
    {{{{{{{{{{Tailkinker-to-Heaven}}}}}}}}}} —for what better place to celebrate?
    He is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the throne with great joy, dearest!
    Love you bunches—janey (altosinger), who also loves Star Trek novels!

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